So this week I’m performing along side one of Ireland’s all time music greats- Daniel O’Donnell.

I just love him, most of you who follow me will already know this. I come from large musical Irish family so music was always and still is flowing through our veins. Growing up, I was listening to live music performed by my family and other people on the Irish and country circuit.

So I knew all these types of songs, from Irish folk to country music jives.

I just love it. I could be in a crowded bar listening to Motown and if I heard the first few bars of an Irish song in the next pub I be out of the door in a heart beat. Its just something that’s in you.

I’m truly blessed to have met some lovely people along the way in my career. I love people and making connections and building friendships, none other than when I met a great guy by the name of Joe Casserly, a fine singer himself. He had his own Irish radio show for many years, a great personality and a in demand host and performer.

We first worked together on an Irish event many years ago, he was the Host and I the singer. We connected immediately and he and his partner have grown to be great friends of mine.

I told Joe when I heard he was performing with the one and only Daniel O’Donnell, that I would love to be a part of this show, just for a personal ambition of mine.

He made it happen and we will also be performing a duet together!

Its set to be a great night of song and dance!