Anita Ryan


Hi there, My name is Anita Ryan. I am an accredited life coach with neuroscience and self development expert, offering a variety of coaching options to help you on your journey.


Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching is for you if feel stuck. Maybe feel you’ve got more to give but don’t know where to start?

You’ve got dreams, goals, aspirations. Maybe you’re even trying to navigate a startup business! What ever your reason for coaching, it’s all about you.

Once thing is for sure: mindset is the key to any foundation and transformation. Through neuroscience, we understand that our thoughts create our actions, and our actions create results- the results that YOU want.

“Anita is so insightful and inspiring. She understands what self-doubt is like, and how to smash it. She’s became my inner cheerleader! Let’s do this!”

~Laura Ansbro

Maybe we’ve met somewhere along the way when I’ve been performing on international events round the world; on cruises ships, luxury yachts, performing for endless corporates, the biggest football club in the world, internationally or even at the local play centre where my children run wild.

I’ve been to and through it all. As a result of my years of performing, leading and parenting, I’m here to share my skills, knowledge, self-development & listening ear to help you THRIVE instead of survive.

The Anchor Programme

My Anchor Programme is 1:1 Coaching is designed to help you discover the true potential of what and where you want to be.

Are you looking to build confidence in yourself and your career? Unsure where to begin? Throughout our coaching sessions, you’ll have the chance to explore your current thoughts and desires for the future, then take those next steps towards self-assurance and the life you want.


We’ll make an active plan with clear goals so that you can show up confidently in everything you do!

Here is a preview of the 3 A’s of the Anchor Programme:

The Anchor program is for anyone looking for help with their personal development.

I do offer coaching catered to specific demographics as well:


Anchor Programme for Musicians and Entertainers

As an entertainer myself, I have lived expertise on how to balance your wellbeing and career.

From time management, to preventing burnout, to confidence on stage and in every element of your work, we’ll cover everything you need to optimise your own wellness while living the lifestyle of your dreams.

The Mother’s Good Life: Anchor Programme


Are you a working mum balancing a high achieving professional life with parenting? Maybe a woman running her own biz? Are you looking for that perfect work/life balance? The Mother’s good life is here for you!


As a mother myself, I totally understand how daunting it can all seem. I can help you find that unique balance between your professional and family life. Together, we’ll create an actionable plan to help you show up as the woman you want to be in every element of your life! 

Interested in coaching and want to chat?

Schedule a free 15 minute call with me through the link below!


Phone: 07825 705368