Anita Ryan

Corporate Events 


Singer – Event Emcee – Speaker

Create a feeling of magic and joy for your guests that leaves them talking about your corporate events for years to come

Instantly amazed at how well she commanded the attention of the room with her talent and choice of songs
Joe Casserly

Master of Ceromonies, Manchester United Football Club

Inspire your colleagues, employees or guests to a different kind of corporate dinner.

Create memories that they will take with them, long after they have left the dinner table.

Taking you beyond your typical corporate dinner, Anita Ryan truly captures people’s hearts and souls; she will have everyone’s foot tapping and voice singing the next line of a song.

Merge boundaries and create firmer relationships amongst your delegates, as Anita weaves her magic throughout the room and moves your event from the traditional to the sublime.

An event with Anita Ryan is one that your guests will remember for a very, very long time to come.

Having performed at over 700 corporate events and performances, from the likes of Manchester United Football Club and Sir Alex Ferguson, to being flown onto international yachts as a celebrity performer, Anita Ryan brings a wealth of professionalism, experience and passion to her performances that is unmatched.

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