Anita Ryan

Corporate Events Singer

Your Corporate Event Must Be Memorable – For the Right Reasons

Instantly amazed at how well she commanded the attention of the room with her talent and choice of songs Joe Casserly

Master of Ceromonies, Manchester United Football Club

The corporate event… a potentially awkward setting where people who spend their days in “work mode” are asked to mingle, break bread, laugh, or even dance.

It’s a chemistry challenge – even for a PhD.

And the truth is this: it doesn’t have to be an artless gamble. There are strategic elements that will transcend your event from floundering to fantastic

Everything including decor, menu, theme, venue, and entertainment make up the recipe – and each brings its own flavor to the outcome.

Anita Ryan regularly performs the heavy-lifting for clients including Manchester United, Concorde, and Sir Alex Ferguson, and others which she’s been sworn to secrecy. See… you can trust her.

Whether or not you picture your Manchester, Cheshire, or North West meeting with a live musical element, contact Anita. She is more than happy to assist you in sorting your possibilities to create an event to remember.

Because the last thing you want is that guy from HR doing a ventriloquist act with the centerpiece.

That’s awkward.

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