…and that’s exactly what Anita Ryan does with her love of country music when she delivers this show.

Little bird, take me aboard your beautiful wings and let me fly
Fly me back to yesterday
And drop me off there awhile

Dolly Parton – Little Bird

Follow the little bird and take yourself back aboard those beautiful wings and fly to yesteryear, where the country music soothes your soul and unwinds your aching mind. Allow the heartfelt narratives of country music to remove you from the chaos of modern life and return you to the good old days of toe-tapping, head-bopping, sunshine-chasing country songs that we all know off by heart because they’re interwoven in the weave of our hearts.

Your feet start tapping and your knees your start knocking, as the guitar slides and the drums keep that steady, distinctive country beat that you feel inside you and there’s no mistaking it for anything else in this world. Let yourself be dropped off there awhile and unwind, as the warm energy in the room electrifies every last soul and – before you can say George Jones – your feet shimmy towards the dance floor and you’re living and breathing the love of the hoedown in that beat that you just can’t lose.

You turn it loose and the hoedown comes alive with a sparkling atmosphere with memories of home, family and pure joy that cannot be paralleled – it sure feels good to the body and soul. You feel the tension escape your shoulders as the chords of the famous tunes course through your veins and your feet start tapping to the rhythm and blues.

There ain’t nothing like pure country music – George Jones, Dolly Parton and the greats that have accompanied us through our lives.

Allow Anita Ryan to take you right back there; to a night of authentic country music, classic country tunes that you didn’t even know you could remember, to the atmosphere of Nashville with the stories of old that will leave your feet tapping and hips shaking like never before.

A night of country music with Anita Ryan is one that will fly you back to yesterday and warm your heart for many moons to come.

Sail away with Anita Ryan to another world for an incredible night of country music that you can rely on.