So many people I have performed for are worried about their upcoming event, be it a Corporate, House party, Members of Parliament, they’ve all one thing in common. Worry! 

Are you worried about how your event will go? Will be people get there on time? What if the guests are late and I am busy? Will the sound engineer be ok? Will the AV company we’ve hired complete everything for the running order we have? Will our audience like the entertainment we have booked? 

All these worries are common and are perfectly solved in the hands of an event planner! 

Book an Event Planner! 

I have also been an event planner through choice, I have thrown a number of events over the years through the contacts that I have made,  making dear friends in the industry and then I saw a need for a charity or two that I wanted to help with and I also performed on these events too.

I soon realised I couldn’t put my performing hat on as well as making sure everyone was ready back stage to keep on schedule and such like.

 An event planner will take care of all the logistics of the evening like the:

 Guests arrival

 The artists times for soundcheck and performance time

Look after guest speakers

 Give them timings and cues 

Book & liase with the AV company

Plan running orders 

Book live entertainment in keeping with your theme

Liaise with the entertainment you have already booked

The list goes on and on and encouragingly these are all things that you should NOT worry about. 

The only thing you should be worrying about is looking nice, getting your hair and makeup done, or putting your dapper suit on, enjoying a glass of champagne, talking and having fun with all your guests and leave the rest to the professionals. 

There is nothing worse as a professional than working with NON professionals who want a professional night.

 Let me explain, this makes the professional,  be it an entertainer or someone in the event industry in general, feel like they don’t want to undermine your authority or disrespect you in their answers but generally speaking they know what works and doesn’t.  

For example, the thing that drives me potty the most at events is when there are gaps in the nights.  

No cues from the artists to the sound engineer that this is the last song and you will need a song ready for when I finish immediately, or that the host knows so they can bring you off stage so that there is no awkward silence.

Or when the last model on the catwalk  in a fashion show for example has strutted her stuff,  that a song fills the air whilst people clap and whistle over the track, not the ripple of the odd clap that makes her feel degraded.

An event planner or recommendation of a great event planner will save you time, maybe not money, headache and stress and its worth its’ weight in gold.

Book an event planner!!