People will ALWAYS remember how you made them feel…not what you said or did. Just the very emotion you left them with.
Out off all the events I have sang at, I truly love them all, all the different types of stages bring different emotions… 

A couple of examples would be…A private house party, giving exclusive performances to a private crowd in someone fabulous home. Creating a gorgeous atmosphere so the host can just entertain their guests.
Or singing a bride down the aisle about to meet her man I watch tears of joy as they become man and wife.. they will always remember the song they asked me to sing for them.
A wild party night… where the client wants everyone up dancing, swaying, singing enjoying themselves and finishing on a blinder of a song such as Proud Mary…they’ll always remember how they felt.

A corporate event, where the event planner has a million and one things they need to be doing and thinking about. They should never be worried about the singer’s performance or arrival times or general work ethic. Making them feel relived about working with me would be my goal.
Or maybe even sad. I like sad. Singing at funerals for the end of someone’s life is such a special honour, you may think that’s awful and must be hard to do and at times it has been. Though I more recently thought of it as a celebration of their life and I hope to make them feel connected to the person passing by singing their favourite song. 

When I perform for an irish audience which is one of my favourites, I try to sing a song from each county to the audience so they feel connected to their home town and use my voice to bring them home.
People may remember the songs for all of these occasions and will connect them to this place. They will never forget how they FELT though and that’s my pleasure & honour to create 🙂