Anita Ryan

Your authentic Irish singer

Craic agus Ceol. The simple translation is “fun and music.” To those who have lived it, though, this famous Irish phrase means so much more. It’s an atmosphere. It’s a sparkle in the eye, a crackle of energy in the air, and a sense that anything could happen. It’s a lightness of spirit which follows you home and lingers long after the last song is sung, the last step is danced, and the last glass is raised. It’s what you’ll encounter when you spend an evening with Anita Ryan.
“Instantly amazed at how well she commanded the attention of the room with her talent and choice of songs”
Joe Casserly: Manchester United MC

Your authentic Irish singer for corporate and special events.

Are you looking for a night of Irish music that will have your guests deeply moved one moment, singing and stomping the next, and roaring for more by the time the show is done? An Anita Ryan show captures all the magic, mischief, romance and emotional depth of Ireland’s legendary music. This is more than a concert. This is an experience.

In one unforgettable evening, Anita will lead you on a journey from the tender ballads made famous by Celtic Woman all the way to the uproarious joyful energy of a classic Joe Dolan show, with hits like “You’re Such a Good Looking Woman”, “Make Me an Island” and “It’s You, It’s You, It’s You.” Often accompanied by ex-Lord of The Dance fiddler Richard [Last Name], she carries the crowd away with her on a whirlwind tour of all the best that Irish music has to offer.

A voice that will bring you home

When you watch Anita Ryan light up a stage, it’s immediately obvious that this music runs in her veins. You can listen to the generations of Irish musicians in the lilt of her voice. You can see the legacy of her family’s showband in her charismatic, crowd-pleasing performances, full of wit and charm. With musical parents from Tipperary and Dublin and a family tree full of singers and entertainers, she comes by her talent honestly and shares it fearlessly.

She knows how to connect directly with the heart of her audience. You’ll hear the most beloved songs of almost every county: the true sound of home. You’ll feel the hush fall over the room as she lifts her voice to sing a haunting air. Close your eyes, and you’re transported to the Emerald Isle. Just when it seems as if there might not be a dry eye in the house, she’s off again, and the room is suddenly filled with laughter. Prepare yourself for a foot-tapping, hand-clapping hooley. If you don’t know all the words when it starts, you’ll be singing along by the end.


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