Yesterday I attended the Greater Manchester Mayor’s ‘ Meet your future’ campaign in my role as ambassador for Greater Manchester Team High Sheriff.

I have to say Mayor Andy Burnham was FANTASTIC. Such a warm, grounded down to earth gentleman with heaps of passion for the young people of Greater Manchester.

He, alongside others are looking for business’s to show their support to the youth of our city by letting them shadow us in our profession.
Maybe just 1 hour of your time or up to 4 days per year. Literally letting these school/college students, watch us in our natural environments.
Not like when we were doing work experience, just sat in the corner opening the post! ! Really walking in the shoes of a CEO, Team leader, IT experts, Scientists, or as in my case a Singer.

I was the first to sign up to help as it literally brought a tear to my eye a couple of times today listening to the other passionate speakers.Nicola McLeod-Principal Manager of GMCA- what a great speaker she was! Mo Isap- CEO IN4.O Group ( this guy had soooo much passion, he was awesome!!!! )

Don’t you wish we had a helping hand when we was younger. This our time to shine by shining a light on others and pointing them in the right direction.

Think of your children, grand children, nieces and nephews, what would you give for a top CEO to let them shadow them for the day in a field they may or may not wish to pursue as a career.

It’s all about connections and our contacts book as Andy puts it and it’s true.

I’m building my list today for my children’s tomorrow!

Parents’ connections open doors as much as education! Kids without connections will hardly get anywhere, help them build a contact book!
I look forward to mentoring a young soul in the world of music & show business, so many young people today are chasing the dream in the music industry of being a superstar. They know nothing about the actual business of show business. There is so much more to just singing a song for 3 minutes on stage or graduating from uni with a musical theatre or music degree… then what? You got your talent but where are you going with it? They need a mentor or show business adviser.

As a Singer, Speaker and Event Host, I see and know all kinds of industries that could help support this campaign. I also provide team building singing workshops for corporate events as well as devoting some time to young people to develop theirs.

Let’s all stand together for our children’s future.

‘Meet your future campaign’

It would be rude of me not to finish this with a apt lyric from Whitney Houston’s greatest love of all! “I believe the children are our future, TEACH THEM WELL & let them lead the way”.