So last weekend I had the pleasure of singing for The Mums in Business Association Awards 2019. Where all Mothers come together to celebrate their wins of running a business and holding down a family too.

Whilst we all know a woman’s work is never done, it’s great to be in the company of others knowing that they know it too.

MIBA know just that. They saw a need in the community that like minded business women who happen to be mothers need to come together to gain ideas and share support with one another, and they recognise this through the celebration of their awards.

Since they have grown from one small event to another, eventually they felt it was time to host their OWN annual event – and I had the pleasure to sing at it.

Seeing and hearing inspiring stories of Mothers who once thought they were worthless through one thing or another, now a success in business and personally shows the power of a community.

What an achievement to be able to fulfil what was only a dream a while ago!

All hail to the MIBAS!

Onwards and upwards to the Leona and Estelle I don’t think this will be the last we hear of them! 🙂