Last week I was invited to speak for a Mothers in Business Association event in Leeds and another in Manchester and share my story of  performing for  all of my life to this very moment. 

Having my two young children and still doing what I love,  how it has changed me and helped me find my identity in a crowded world. 

I loved it! 

After having my children it put my life into perspective and the juggle is real with childcare. school picks, the mum guilt, the money, the time, everything, when your a mum things change.

They’re born. You’re born. It’s all new!

I now encourage women through my own life lessons on how to find your inner voice. to sit and ask yourself what your truly want to do with your business and listen, then how to take action. 

It’s a journey I have done and I’m still learning from, and loving sharing my story through words and songs straight from the heart!

Having been blessed enough to have performed throughout the world, I came across this song which really resonated with me, the lyrics speak about having been to Monte Carlo, Greece, America etc etc but I’ve never been to ME! 

Sounds a little deep, I know, but its true, it was just another gig! But what did I truly want?

 Now I know, I support Women in business, Charity events that are close to my heart and I could never live without my beautiful private clients! 

Every event I perform at now – is because I CHOOSE to be- I want to give them a fantastic night with people I really care about!

Heres my version of the song 🙂