Years ago I was stage about to sing a big solo as part of a huge show I was in with other cast members such as, comedians, dancers, & musicians.

It came to my solo song, the lights lowered and one bright spotlight lit my face as I sat on a chair, centre stage about to embark on my big number.
I was performing in this show 5 nights per week over the summer for 13 weeks and sang the same song every night as part of the planned show. What happened to me that night was scary, funny and something I’ll never forget.

The first couple of bars of the music passed, as did my brain as it forgot the words of this song that I’d performed every single night. My mind just went totally blank. Now those that know me, since I’ve had kids, I can’t remember what I go upstairs for sometimes never mind the words of a song! But back then, young, fresh and ambitious, I just got a total mind block!!!

I was sat on my stool. Four hundred pairs of eyes looking directly at me, you could hear a pin drop. and I just could not engage my brain at all.
As the second line of lyrics were due, nope…it just wasn’t there. What the hell was I going to do. I couldn’t stop the music. The sound engineer was behind the curtains back stage (weird I know) so he couldn’t see what was happening on stage, so I just had to carry on.

The dread you feel in your tummy, the blood drains from your body and you go cold, not hot, cold!!!

So. I pretended to cry. Unashamedly yes, I pretended to cry. I put my finger and thumb at the top of my nose in between my eyes if you can imagine. and bowed my head whilst whispering into my microphone…
‘I’m sorry, this song just means so much to me’ people sat in complete stillness and quiet.

The song carried on and still the words were nowhere. I still carried on pretending to cry. The audience were hanging onto my every tear!!!
The first verse and chorus came and went, without me. The second verse was about to start and all my childhood memories of listening to my mum and uncle singing this song came flooding back and I picked the song up and finished it gaining a standing ovation! A huge standing ovation.
They just stood applauding that I was able to get through it!!

People felt sorry for me. I quickly realised all jokes and being a con woman aside;-) the power of emotions. Music evokes emotions and there’s power when you truly connect music with your emotions.

Thankfully this has never happened to me on such a level as that since then.

If that’s the only way to get a Standing ovation then I better put it back in my show😆 As I said I do forget things from time to time now and my lyrics but I just make a joke out of it, we’re all human. It just shows how much your emotions can rule the way we think though, act and respond.

Music really is very powerful.

Have you ever watched somebody crying singing a song, when they have genuinely lost it. I have and I felt exactly like the person looking at me that night! As they say in show business, the show must go on and it did!

What songs brings you to tears- in a nice way?

PS: There is actual scientific evidence to prove what I’m saying is true.
Have a little read of the science here. It’s really interesting!