Anita Ryan


Are you looking to engage, motivate and inspire your audience at your next event? 

Anita Ryan’s authentic storytelling, down to earth attitude, and sense of humour do just that. Coupled with songs, audience interaction and professional coaching with neuroscience, Anita brings all of this to the table to motivate your audience. 

It gave me goosebumps listening to Anita’s story; really inspirational and relatable. Anita also got me thinking about what action I can take, too!

~ Lucy Green

Anita Ryan shares her story of being from a family of born entertainers, her life on the road & her passion for entertaining that spans from the stage through to everyday life. 

Taking Centre Stage

Anita Ryan will take your listeners on an inspiring and motivational journey in her signature talk Taking Centre Stage.

Anita helps participants gain their very own ‘standing ovation’ in life by examining the active ways they can be their true authentic selves.

After gaining her very first standing ovation on an international cruise liner, Anita tells her story of how the simple act of a standing ovation can filter into our own, everyday lives on any level.

Anita’s frank and energetic delivery will make your listeners feel close to her; she has real honesty about how she learned to be true to her own authentic self and hopes to pass this on to your audience.

Anita explores the mindful benefits that receiving a standing ovation helps us to receive – the literal and the metaphorical – and will encourage your audience to reflect upon their own highs and lows in both life and business.

 Using the standing ovation as a metaphor for success in many forms, Anita will ask if you’re gaining a standing ovation in all areas of your life:

Are you gaining your own standing ovation as, say, colleague? Are you gaining your own standing ovation by being your own business leader?

What about in your family life? Are you gaining your own standing ovation as the best partner in life? How about as a parent?

Anita colours the talk with two songs that marry to this topic, encouraging audience interaction that will further her message of how the standing ovation of your life comes from a feeling within. She will leave your listeners with 3 top tips of how to go forward to gain that standing ovation in life.

Miracle Mornings for Working Mothers


On top of being a motivational speaker, international singer & self-development coach with neuroscience, I am a mother.

For those of you who are professional women— juggling your careers, parenting, wellness, and everything else that comes with everyday life— I see you. I understand where you’re coming from, trying to do it all, every now and then dropping a note or going out of tune. As a mother, I am the backbone of the family.

That’s why I started Miracle Mornings. I want to share my secret to success— the first things I do in my day, to set myself up for anything life brings.

In this talk, I share 6 steps to take you through your own miracle morning.

Watch this video for a preview!

A Singer’s Stage: Self Paced Course 

Are you a recent graduate looking to turn your music education into a career? 

A musician who feels stuck in the process of getting gigs?

A singer with all the training but little idea how to navigate the industry?

A Singer’s Stage will help you take your talent and share it with the world. Over six weeks, the course covers everything you need to know to take your first steps onstage. From tips on mindset, to industry equipment, to venue booking, A Singer’s Stage will walk you through the essential tools you’ll need to launch your solo singing career.

Throughout the course, mentor and coach Anita Ryan draws upon her 20+ years of experience as an international performer. With her help, you too will be able to build the live music career of your dreams.

Sign up today, and get ready to take to the stage!

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