We are absolutely thrilled our little boy got accepted into our chosen school. I have the FONDEST memories of my primary school, truly one of the happiest times of my life & now it’s his turn. We are truly blessed we got into our little village school when the various odds were against us.

I’ve loved his toddling years, though hard as they were at times. I must say this 3-4 years plus, is a delight. He can talk properly, understands, eager to learn, enthusiastic, I am so looking forward to this next stage of motherhood.

Spending quality time as a family is a big one for us, though when you’ve more than one child and businesses to run, I think it’s also important to spend quality time with one of them at a time.You learn different things. From me to them and them to me.

I’m looking forward to cherishing walking him to school and back, cooking lovely warm dinners, school holidays, family holidays and helping to shape a little boys life!

This is my WHY, this is reason I do what I do. I love performing and still have lots to give. The reason I have my own business is so I can choose to spend the most important times of my life, with my children, and my chosen career helps me to that!!!

Please remind me of all this when I’m losing my will and it’s kicking off!😂😂😂