The world is a stage and we are always on it! 

In show business…one of the biggest tips i would give to a  new comer is that you are always on stage even when you are off.

The way you interact with your audience, your clients, they way you speak to them on the phone, online before or after a gig is always on stage. 

You are always being viewed not just with your vocal acrobatics on stage, it doesn’t end there. 

Lucky for me, i just love people, so I’m never happier than I am chatting away to the audience or my clients and i appreciate not everyone is like that. Some people are very shy and that’s fine also.

I’m talking on a deeper level than someones introvert character, I’m talking about showing respect to people and building relationships with them, always shaking peoples hands and interacting.

I know people from my past that would do a blinding performance on stage but when they come off stage, they are cocky and egotistical. 

People see right through that and that becomes your brand… the very thing people talk about. 

As a mother, I also think we’re always on stage. they copy everything we do.

Children learn through play and role play. 

I shouted at the kiddies one day when I really lost my head…Ironically a couple of days later, our son was asked to do something and screamed with the same growl I did, I knew instantly he had got it from me because he’d never done it before.

I still lose it every now and again as all us humans do but I’m much more mindful of it now as there are  eyes and ears everywhere at EVERY AGE!