Your potential buyer wants something different than the audience. Whoever is booking the act.

When a buyer books an act, they want a good act no doubt but their requirements are different to the audience. 

They want someone that fits into their budget. If it is the owner of the company,  they are thinking of the bottom line. Their profit.

Whereas, what the audience wants is what I can provide at the event that will make them feel happy, sing, dance, party, feel connected, create memories with me, have the best night of their lives!

Their requirement is different from the buyer. 

The buyer wants, the right fee, reliability, trust that you will deliver on and off stage, the audience member wants fun and connection. 

Its helpful to always remember what you are looking for when you are about to book somebody for your event. 

I want to be inspired when I watch somebody perform, I want to feel that I look up to them in some way, and would love to be able to do just that! 

I want to feel connected to the performer and that they are personable.  How many times do you think to yourself after meeting a performer and maybe chatting to them, you think ‘THEY WERE LOVELY AND AMAZING ON STAGE’ you just feel connected. That is what is is all about. 

If I  can perform and make real connections with people by making them laugh, cry ( in a nice way) smile or just dance the night away, then have done my  job by touching peoples lives.