What kind of personality do you have? Are you an introvert or extrovert? They both have their own qualities you know. I am definitely an extrovert. Sometimes I overshare 🙂 but I kind of like it.

Though there have been times, when through harmless fun, I’ve put my foot in it, on or off stage and I’ve thought, ‘What on earth did I say that for!’I love people, being involved, helping, sharing, caring, making connections. I love telling my funny stories, I’d consider myself totally down to earth a little bit cheeky and fun, with an emotional sensitive side.

When I’m performing, I enjoy singing beautiful songs in the background, just creating a gorgeous atmosphere for the people, you know?! Picture low lighting, eating some cute nibbles, sipping on a glass of wine, chatting to your friends or loved ones, whilst some live music is in the background makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Actually, this is my kind of night…when I go out and someone else is singing and playing. I just love it!

Opposite to that, is performing, I get on that stage and it feels like home for me. I have an idea of what I will sing or say and then the rest just flows as I read the crowd. I feed off the vibe, sometimes I’m wild and hilarious other times I’m demure (or try to be) what ever I am, I have come to realise, I am not everyone’s cuppa tea.

Though I have to say, I feel well loved by the people I have worked for and with, and I’m completely and utterly blessed by the life I live, with the job I do and the passion of my mission to connect people through music, all that said.

Not everyone likes me! I know, I can’t believe it either hahaha! But they don’t.

I remember performing for a Captains Dinner last year, 100 people in the room and the show was absolute blinder of a gig! I loved the people and they loved me, a perfect marriage, my kind of audience and they got all my funny one liners, songs, personality and then danced the night away. I worked very hard that night and I was on cloud 9!

On my way out of the venue, down the red carpet, I over heard a man saying “I don’t know what she sang that song for…” talking of a particular song that he didn’t like. I couldn’t help but overhear him, so I asked him did he enjoy the show? He said yes, you’re a great singer and entertainer but I don’t know why you sang that song, it had no relevance. I asked him what he meant by that and he said “Why couldn’t you have sung Black Velvet?” I thought, great song choice actually, but its not in my set… Would you have enjoyed it more had I have sang that?!

He said yes. So basically he didn’t really enjoy the night because I didn’t sing his song. Though the 99 other people were screaming for more, I’d covered a lot of songs though I probably didn’t sing everyone’s personal favourite as I’m only there and hour and a half and I’m not a jukebox 🙂

It just shows you though how your not everyone cuppa tea, it really hurt me on the way home though, I had to focus on the 99 people who DID enjoy me.

I think this is the same in life personally too, not everyone likes us, so surround yourself with the people that do, people who feed your soul the right way and BE HAPPY! -)